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Apr 20, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Outreach & Media  //  2 Comments
Robotic Arm and Artaic
Artaic and Sam

Today, we visited a company called Artaic, which creates mosaics using a robotic arm. If you want a custom mosaic, Artaic is the place to go. They are pretty awesome (check out the link to see some). We learned the process of how a mosaic is built, from start to finish. Here is the simple (yet also pretty complex) process. First, you send a picture to Artaic, and have them (or you) design a mosaic based on the picture. We wanted to see what a picture wold look like once it was converted to a mosaic, and the pictures

Skyscraper Mosaic
Sam and Mosaic
come out stunningly. We then got to see how the mosaics were made, from the first robot that sorts the square tiles from the chipped tiles (I think that is pretty cool….) to the robotics arm that will build the mosaic for you in 1’x1′ sections. Artaic designed the arm so that it could be used to build mosaics, and it is pretty awesome to see. Artaic also has a partnership with Home Depot, and you can build your own custom mosaics. We tried this out too, and it was pretty cool. I wish that I had one in my house :). T-minus 8 days until World Competitions….. See you guys there!

Science Museum

Apr 17, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Outreach & Media  //  4 Comments

Today we were at the science museum, showing off our robot and the Vgo robot from Vgo Communication Inc. We were at the museum to celebrate National Robotics Week, and there were many hords of people that were at the museum to see the robots. We were there on Friday afternoon to setup our robot and our Vgo robot, and this morning we saw that Vgo had a booth, so we brought our robot down to show off along with the other Vgo. It was very fun to show off the telepresence robot to everyone there, especially the kids. There were many other robots there along with the FIRST FTC and FLL robots; iRobot attended bring the roomba, and their own test telepresence robot with omni-wheels and and iPad. Umass Lowell was there with their own robot, and a ARdrone that they hacked to be controlled from the computer with a touch screen, instead of an iPod touch. There was a robot arm that worked underwater, and was controllable via a joystick by children at the museum. LEGO was there with the NXT, along with Tetrix. MakeIt Lab’s was also there, showing off some of the projects that they has created in their MakerSpace (check out maker space’s in you area). We all had a great time, and we all wish that the museum held a robotics event more than once a year. Hmmmm……. :)

BU Competition

Apr 9, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  2 Comments
Surrounded by kids @ BU
Surrounded by kids @ BU

Today we attended a very cool FRC competition at the BU Agganis Arena. It was a state competition for FRC, and we had our mini-bot, part of the FRC team from BUA, compete. It was a thrilling competition, watching all of those robot driving around the field. We had our FTC field set up on the first floor and was showing off FTC along with a few other teams in the area. We were able to meet lots of people who were interested in FTC and FIRST in general, and we are hoping to talk to them in the future to help start more FTC teams (if you were there and you are reading this, please contact us from our contact us page). We had great time watching kids try and drive our Omni-bot; most of them were actually pretty amazing drivers. Future robotic engineers in the making.

MapQuest Part 1

Mar 24, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  1 Comment
Mouse Displaying Picture
Mouse Displaying Picture

MapQuest has started! Well….it was going for a while, yet we have just reached a turning point. Our first sensor, an optical mouse, has been hacked to read directly from the camera module. At the moment….I am not disclosed to say how we are using the sensor….but it will be pretty cool, trust me. We are currently working on a lens system for the mouse (yes…it does have to be made out of Lexan), and we need to view the mouse to do this. We attempted to use an already written program to talk o the mouse, yet it didn’t work. We needed to write all of the code for the Arduino (the board that communicates to the mouse), and we needed to rewrite some of the Java script that was running on the computer to talk to the Arduino and display the picture. And yes….we aren’t going to be using the LED on the mouse, don’t worry. :)
Second part should be coming later this week!

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