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The City that Never Sleeps

Jan 29, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

New York, New York! Such a beautiful city…. even though we aren’t there yet ;) We have a competition this weekend (actually….it’s tomorrow), and we still aren’t ready for it! We are currently driving from Massachusetts to New York to be able to attend a Sunday competition, and we are carrying with us half of an FTC field which we are hoping to set up in our hotel room(s). Chances that it will fit :)? We can dispence batons into the flat goal and do a few other things (our secret weapons) in the autonomous period, but we have much to work on. We are hoping to do well at our competition tomorrow, but we have only been able to work for three days, and we are a rookie team. There are currently new videos posted on our youtube channel about our robot, and our work days, and there will be more later tonight once we have everything working. Good luck to New York teams tomorrow, and to everyone else in the upcoming competitions!


Jan 27, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs  //  No Comments

It’s currently 1:20 in the morning, Or how we measure time, 5 cups of hot apple cider. We have been working for the past 6 hours on the robot…since we got home from school at 5. We are sadly probably going to pull an all-nighter to work on the robot since we only have 3 more days until our competition! We found out yesterday that we weren’t going to go to the competition in march, since it is going to be on a Saturday. But, there is a competition this Sunday in New York! We were invited by the NY league to compete in their round, and we accepted….which in turn means that we only have 3 says to work on the robot. You can check our youtube channel for an update from earlier tonight, and i will be posting another update later tonight (or this morning). But we will do it!!! Just keep on working! Check out our update.


Jan 21, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

This was our first competition, and it surprisingly went really well. We were surprised that our robot worked so well; it performed on autonomous period by dropping 5 batons into the flat goal, and it also performed during the teleop period. We had multiple teams try to block our robot, but they were all unsuccessful. You can’t block an omnidirectional robot! :) The play by play went like this: our robot dispenses its 5 batons into the flat goal while our partner somehow gets to the other side of the field. Then the teleop started. Our robot takes off and drives sideways and backwards (yeah omni-bot), and takes to the bridge. We usually drive right over the bridge, then go to the dispenser to get 5 batons. We were so surprised that we were the only team that could dispense batons! We got our 3 batons (we didn’t usually get all 5) then we drove to dispense into the rolling goal. That was another thing that was surprising, we were one of the only teams that could dispense into the rolling goal! We won 3 of our 5 rounds, only losing 2 because of issues with the Samantha module, and wifi glitches. We were even on first place for a little bit (4 minutes…). We are hoping to attend the regional competition in the future, but we aren’t sure if we will be able. Good luck for the rest of your season!

Motor Encoders

Jan 7, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

Here it is! Only $35....

While looking up to buy new encoders on the Tetrix website, I found out that the encoders will cost us $80 a piece. Now…working with Arduino before, I know that good motor encoders only cost around 30-40 dollars each, so something is significantly wrong here. I looked up the part number that is written on the motor encoder, and found that the supplier is US digital. I found that they have a page for “replacement parts” for FRC, which just happen to be the motor encoders that are used for FRC and FTC (they are the same ones)! I’ve posted a link in FTC resources for where to find the inexpensive ($35) motor encoders, and now I can buy 2 motor encoders for what would it have costed me for one.

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