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Vgo: Presentation at Olin

Nov 10, 2010   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Outreach & Media  //  1 Comment

Want to see the newest thing in video conferencing? How about a robot that a user can control from anywhere in the world, and get a live video feed? That is pretty much what the Vgo robot is summed up into a sentence. Ben, Aaron, and I attended a IEEE conference at Olin collage last night; an event that we go to every second Tuesday of the month. This months speaker was the CTO and one of three founders of the Vgo video conferencing robot, Tim Root. He spoke about how his robot worked, why someone would need a Vgo robot, and then let the audience test the robot out. He even let the 3 kids from our team test the robot out, which was a lot of fun. Driving around the Vgo robot is pretty much like being in the other room; you “become” the Vgo ‘bot. Although the view angle for the camera could be a little bit better, the video feed is amazing. Ben (being a computer programmer) tried to find how delayed the video feed would be, and he couldn’t beat the camera feed. All 3 of s would like to thank Vgo for speaking at this event, and IEEE for hosting the event. Hope to see you in the future (maybe using a Vgo robot?).

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