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Presentation at PTC

Apr 15, 2012   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Outreach & Media, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

As a first year user of PTC’s CAD design software, our team experienced the CAD revolution. Our robot this year was designed all in CAD, contrary to last years robot which went through many physical iterations. We went to PTC this past Friday to discuss how we have used Creo, the pros and cons to using CAD, and how PTC could make it easier for FTC teams to start using Creo. Here are some of the things that we brought to PTC:
Pro’s of using CAD:
You don’t have to re-cut anything. Really. If something doesn’t fit in the CAD design, then you just have to edit the part. If a piece is to short, just make it longer. It’s really magical. Read more >>

137 Point round

Jan 14, 2012   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

At our regional competition our team and the Picklejarheads were able to get 137 points, the highest score at the competition. Below is a video of the event.

RobotC Code

Our 2012 code is now open source! You can access our code at this website: If you know how to use an SVN, you can also add the repository using this link: ftc-2012-team-4466-read-only. We will have short wiki’s writen up about the different code coming soon along with some visual tutorials on how our Omni-bot code works.

World Competitions, Part 2

May 1, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

We won Inspire! Yes…if you read the last blog post, you would have seen that I already knew that, yet that post was about our field. I would first like to ay that we were very sorry that one of our members, Nathan, wasn’t able to attend the Black Eyed Peas concert, and hence not able to receive the award given to our team. If you also noticed (if you were at the event) that our team wasn’t in our apparel due to the fact that it was Friday night, and we weren’t attending as a team. Now with that said, we are very excited that we received the Inspire award! We would like to greatly thank our sponsors (check out our sponsor page), specifically ROLLS, because without you creating the first Sunday competitions we wouldn’t be here now. We would also like to thank FIRST for running this amazing program, and especially all of the volunteers. FIRST wouldn’t be here without all of your help! Have a nice break in the off season, and see you guys next year!

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