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What is an SVN?

Jan 28, 2012   //   by sam   //   FIRST Tech Challenge, Getting Started in FTC  //  3 Comments

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RobotC Code

Our 2012 code is now open source! You can access our code at this website: If you know how to use an SVN, you can also add the repository using this link: ftc-2012-team-4466-read-only. We will have short wiki’s writen up about the different code coming soon along with some visual tutorials on how our Omni-bot code works.

RobotC Debugger Bug

Jan 3, 2012   //   by sam   //   Blogs, FIRST Tech Challenge, Tutorials  //  No Comments

During testing, we have found that in RobotC version 3.x there is an issue with the debugger window(s) for the game controller input to the NXT. We have first found that the button mapping within the debugger is sometimes incorrect. To find the correct value for buttons, create a global variable that is storing the button values that you can watch in the “variable debugging window” within RobotC. Secondly, if you are having joystick mapping issues within RobotC, read the previous post. We have found driver issues with the two joysticks, and that might be your problem.

Joystick Issues

Jan 3, 2012   //   by sam   //   Blogs, FIRST Tech Challenge, Tutorials  //  No Comments

During our testing period, we have found a bug when using the new game controllers and/or the old game controllers. First off, the issue. When using the new controllers, a new logitech driver is installed on the computer. With the game conroller in the “d” setting (switch on the back side of the joystick) the game controller will run the same as last year’s with x,y (also known as x1,y1) on one thumb-joystick and z and z rotation (also known as x2,y2) on the second thumb-joystick. With the new game controller in the “x” setting, the second thumb-joystick (the one of the right) will run the top-hat (little pad in the upper left of the game controller) and the two triggers in the back of the controller now change the values of the previous x2. Now the main issue. Some computers will recognize the old game controller as the new ones with the “x” setting on. This means that the second thumb-joystick now runs the top-hat, the back triggers don’t work and all buttons now map to different values. This bug has nothing to do with FCS, it is a driver recognition issue and doesn’t happen on all computers. Although, we recommend that during the competition to use only new game controllers on the “d” setting and have teams make sure that their robots work on the “d” setting.

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