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Robot v1.5 driving

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Robot v1.5 driving

Originally uploaded by Samuel R.

Yah! The prototype for our final robot is done, and ready to be tested over break. The robot can now drive and it can also pick up batons, and drop batons, but it can’t drive with the batons. This is going to be built later once the arm is finalized. We are also working on driving around, and we found that with the gyro turned on the robot is able to get over the bridge, and without the gyro turned on the robot can’t get on the bridge. We one other omni bot the was having an issue getting over the bridge, because when one wheel is on the bridge, the other wheel “vectors” wont move the robot properly and the human driver can’t compensate fast enough to make the other wheels spin faster. Our program compensates for the robot spinning when it hits the bridge, so that the human driver doesn’t have to think about trying to get on the bridge or the cliff. The arm works amazingly at getting the batons out of the dispenser, but we need to work on the chute to drop the batons into the rolling goal. We have some good designs, we just need to construct them. Hopefully we will have our arm done by the end of this week!

VGO Robot!!!

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On Saturday December 4, a video conferencing robot called the VGO arrived at Sam’s house. Why? It is a long story.

In one of the earlier posts Sam talks about an IEEE presentation at Olin College, where Sam, Ben, and I get to test drive the VGO. After the presentation the group learns that our Coach has plans to go to Israel for three weeks (He is currently in Israel.) After learning this we decided to send Tim Root, founder of VGO, an email asking if we could borrow a robot. He replied, “Sure, why not,” and now we have a robot.

Because of various technical difficulties during meetings we have yet to use it to its full potential while talking with our Coach. However we have test driven the Robot, and we are all very impressed.

More info to come.

Coming soon!

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Here is our blog for cool technology stuff that we have seen in the news, or even what we have seen around us. We will also post cool facts about robotics, FTC, or fun things that we have found for others to learn. This, and more, will be coming soon!

Science Museum

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Science museum robot

Mars simulation robot

A few days ago we hit the science museum. Out coach, Tal, acutally works there in the computer place! So, on Sunday, we woke up extra early to make our way down to Cambridge to see what we cpuld find in the Computer Place. We got to see the MARC bot 2, and got to play around with the Aibo dogs. We also learned how the drive train worked on both robots, although the MARC bot’s drive trin was a little more helpful for our FTC robot. Speaking of which…..our base is finished! We just finished it this week when a new shipment of parts came in. We also got the parts for a baton dispenser/holder, and that should be put together as soon as I finish the SolidWorks model. I currently only have videos of our robot, but I will post in the code section our code for the gyro sensor, and our vector equations for the robot. But until then, happy building!

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