Robot v1.5 driving

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Robot v1.5 driving

Originally uploaded by Samuel R.

Yah! The prototype for our final robot is done, and ready to be tested over break. The robot can now drive and it can also pick up batons, and drop batons, but it can’t drive with the batons. This is going to be built later once the arm is finalized. We are also working on driving around, and we found that with the gyro turned on the robot is able to get over the bridge, and without the gyro turned on the robot can’t get on the bridge. We one other omni bot the was having an issue getting over the bridge, because when one wheel is on the bridge, the other wheel “vectors” wont move the robot properly and the human driver can’t compensate fast enough to make the other wheels spin faster. Our program compensates for the robot spinning when it hits the bridge, so that the human driver doesn’t have to think about trying to get on the bridge or the cliff. The arm works amazingly at getting the batons out of the dispenser, but we need to work on the chute to drop the batons into the rolling goal. We have some good designs, we just need to construct them. Hopefully we will have our arm done by the end of this week!

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