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Dec 31, 2010   //   by Eliana   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

 Today in FTC Robotics we split into groups. I was in Israel for the first three months of the school year and have just joined the team this week. It is very exciting but I have a lot to learn. Today I was brainstorming ideas for our logo but hopefully soon I will have learned enough to significatly contribute to things that have more to do with the robot itself. Today for the first time, we got to use a computer that our school is lending us. We had fun programming some of our fingerprints into the computer as a way to login. Some people spent more time playing around with and getting comfortable driving the robot. I saw that someone had also built batons and a baton holder that we can use to test out the robot as it is constructed to complete more tasks. It has been a bit difficult with our coach in Israel. We communicate each class via skype which is helpful. We still have lots to do and are pretty good at getting it done. But still, it is harder to get instructions and advice through a computer than through a person. Everyone has been great in helping to get me caught up. When I know more about how everything works then I will be able to explain more of what other people were working on. I know that Chaney spent the class getting more comfortable with programming.

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