New Robot!

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New Robot!

Originally uploaded by Samuel R.

Our new robot is coming along well. The design for the arm isn’t working to well, but by watching a video of the robot frame by frame, we were able to see what was wrong with out arm. Since we live a a 3D world, the batons were using the treads as a fulcrum in the Z axis to tilt and fall off of the arm. We only assumed that the batons would tilt in the Y axis (using our paddle as the fulcrum), but we were wrong. This is something that we will fix very soon, and we will upload a video with the fix.
On another note, our team was invited to First Night in Boston on December 31st. We’re hoping to have a robot done by then, since our competition is coming up very soon. Vacation will help us a lot, giving us a lot of time to work. Check out our youtube channel over the next two weeks when our robot will hopefully be finished!

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