Motor Encoders

Jan 7, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

Here it is! Only $35....

While looking up to buy new encoders on the Tetrix website, I found out that the encoders will cost us $80 a piece. Now…working with Arduino before, I know that good motor encoders only cost around 30-40 dollars each, so something is significantly wrong here. I looked up the part number that is written on the motor encoder, and found that the supplier is US digital. I found that they have a page for “replacement parts” for FRC, which just happen to be the motor encoders that are used for FRC and FTC (they are the same ones)! I’ve posted a link in FTC resources for where to find the inexpensive ($35) motor encoders, and now I can buy 2 motor encoders for what would it have costed me for one.

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