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This was our first competition, and it surprisingly went really well. We were surprised that our robot worked so well; it performed on autonomous period by dropping 5 batons into the flat goal, and it also performed during the teleop period. We had multiple teams try to block our robot, but they were all unsuccessful. You can’t block an omnidirectional robot! :) The play by play went like this: our robot dispenses its 5 batons into the flat goal while our partner somehow gets to the other side of the field. Then the teleop started. Our robot takes off and drives sideways and backwards (yeah omni-bot), and takes to the bridge. We usually drive right over the bridge, then go to the dispenser to get 5 batons. We were so surprised that we were the only team that could dispense batons! We got our 3 batons (we didn’t usually get all 5) then we drove to dispense into the rolling goal. That was another thing that was surprising, we were one of the only teams that could dispense into the rolling goal! We won 3 of our 5 rounds, only losing 2 because of issues with the Samantha module, and wifi glitches. We were even on first place for a little bit (4 minutes…). We are hoping to attend the regional competition in the future, but we aren’t sure if we will be able. Good luck for the rest of your season!

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