NERD Center

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FTC presentation
FTC presentation

Thursday night, for around three hours, I went to give a presentation about FIRST and FTC to a group at the Arduino Meetup at the Microsoft NERD center. We decided that it would be easier to just drive the robot using an iPhone to the meetup then to carry it, so we decided that we would drive the robot into the meeting center all the way from the front door. This turned many heads; seeing an omni-directional robot driving around onto an elevator, down the hall, and pushing doors open. We received many inquiries into where people can buy the Samantha module, and we didn’t know. Does anyone happen to know where to buy the Samantha module, and how much is it? We had a great time giving the presentation at the Arduino Meetup, and we hope to give more presentations in the future at other meetups, and electronics events. If you would like us to come and talk at an event, please contact us.

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