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FTC MapQuest system
a photo by Samuel R. on Flickr.

Here is a little sneak preview of our newest addition to our robot; MapQuest. I am not aloud to tell you guys what it does….and we aren’t even sure if we will be posting videos of it later this month. On another note, our team is moving along nicely designing (well…rebuilding) our robot to be able to compete in the World Competition. We have added functionality to hold the rolling goal, and an alignment system with the dispenser. We have also moved around our controllers to utilize the most space on our FTC competition robot. There should be some movies in the next weeks of the new robot working, and possibly some sneak previews of MapQuest….if we can have the full system up and running in the next month.


  • I couldn’t help but notice that you have a gutted laser mouse in that picture above. Just a friendly heads up from Team 3539, you are not allowed to make sensors with any form of light, visible or invisible. The rule states:
    “Only visible light LEDs may be connected to the Prototype Board. These visible LEDs may only be used as a cueing signal for the team or for decoration. If used, the purpose must be demonstrated during inspection.” [R5,d,8] Game Manual

    Good luck,

  • woops XP

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