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Robotic Arm and Artaic
Artaic and Sam

Today, we visited a company called Artaic, which creates mosaics using a robotic arm. If you want a custom mosaic, Artaic is the place to go. They are pretty awesome (check out the link to see some). We learned the process of how a mosaic is built, from start to finish. Here is the simple (yet also pretty complex) process. First, you send a picture to Artaic, and have them (or you) design a mosaic based on the picture. We wanted to see what a picture wold look like once it was converted to a mosaic, and the pictures

Skyscraper Mosaic
Sam and Mosaic
come out stunningly. We then got to see how the mosaics were made, from the first robot that sorts the square tiles from the chipped tiles (I think that is pretty cool….) to the robotics arm that will build the mosaic for you in 1’x1′ sections. Artaic designed the arm so that it could be used to build mosaics, and it is pretty awesome to see. Artaic also has a partnership with Home Depot, and you can build your own custom mosaics. We tried this out too, and it was pretty cool. I wish that I had one in my house :). T-minus 8 days until World Competitions….. See you guys there!


  • Thanks for the post guys. The robot is currently producing your Mosaic!

    • There will be more to come

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