World Competitions, Part 1

Apr 30, 2011   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

Here is the first update from the World Competitions! I would like to say that our practice field is going very well! We have had many teams that have come to use the field, and many people that have thanked us for using the field. We are very happy that people have been able to use the field, and have gotten use from the field. There wer 19 FTC teams the used the field, thats 15% of the teams! (Oh…and one FLL Israeli team). We would like to thank the teams that came to use the field, and we are happy that they were able to use the field: teams 3509, 3748, 2827, 1002, 4442, 3785, 4392, 527, 4076, 14400, 506, 3705, 2844, 3768, 2859, 3123, 31, 178 ,577, 2875. Also, the winning alliance had time to practice on our field, helping them work together and practice for the final round on Saturday! We hope that next year we might have more than one FTC practice field, and maybe some FLL fields to help out the Middles School teams. Next year (hopefully) we will have a better method to have people sign up for the practice field, even if there are more than one FTC field. Awards Ceremony coming up soon!

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