Dean Kamen Mosaic

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Dean Kamen and his Mosaic
Dean and Mosaic

During World Competitions, our team presented Dean Kamen with a custom mosaic built by a robotic-arm in Boston Mass. We presented the mosaic to Dean for his 60th Birthday, and for the 20th season of the FIRST Robotics Competition. The mosaic was a portrait of Dean which we cropped, then edited to have a “mosaic look”. The photo was then sent to Artaic, where they have a robotic arm that will build one foot sections of a mosaic. Once the arm built the one foot sections, all 11,000 tiles needed to be put together to create the final mosaic. When the robotic arm places the tiles in the holder, the tiles are facing up, with a rough edge facing down. Artaic then lays a plastic polymer over the tiles which holds all of the tiles together in one foot sections. The one foot sections are then usually sent to the recipient, place on the wall, then the plastic is pealed off. We didn’t have the expertise to build the mosaic, so Artaic was kind enough to not only donate the mosaic pieces, but the time to build the mosaic.
As soon as our team received the Inspire Award, we rushed to get the mosaic, and present it to Dean. We went into a private auditorium, where Dean was standing on the podium, talking with FIRST representatives. We took the three foot by four foot mosaic, along with our robot, and walked up to Dean to present the beautifully portrait. As soon as he saw it, Dean’s eyes lit up, and he was so surprised to see something so precise and perfect. We explained to him that it was built by a robotics arm, and he was even more excited. Dean was very excited to get the mosaic up on a wall, so that he could show guests that he had a mosaic built by a robotic arm programmed to build mosaics.


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