Building the Obstacles

Oct 24, 2010   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments

More stuff done :)

Yeah! We finished the obstacles! We had some of our pieces cut at home depot, since we would rather not have our fingers cut off. But, most of them were cut by the all knowing and amazing Jerry. He cut most of our pieces on the table saw, since we were unable to use it. Although, we did have to drill, screw, and cut some other pieces. We started by putting the field tiles in place that we got this past week, and we needed to cut the edges off the  perimeter tiles. That didn’t take to long, but it did take 3 ex-acto knives which caused some concern with our parents. We then moved on to use the power drill, 70’s hand drill, and saws to cut the piano hinges 2 x 4’s and mountain. The mountain seems to have the correct dimensions now, it fit into place on our board. Just in case, we did make it out of plywood. Since we received the kit last week, we are hoping to start building and programing this week. Videos and pictures of test robots to come!

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