Build Session 1: The Perimeter

Dec 2, 2010   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments
Done perimeter

Yeah!!! :)

This was our first build session for the season! Some of the people on the team hadn’t used a saw before, and some hadn’t even used a drill. We spent the first hour learning how to use the tools that we had, then we dived into putting together the outer perimeter of our field. We started by working on cutting more then 40 pieces of PVC piping into sections for each 4’ piece of the outer walls. We ended up taking more then 2 hours to build the first two walls, but that was due the the fact the we needed to learn how to use the tools. After taking a small break, we went back to work finishing up the walls. We started to measure the finished product and realized in was shorter then 12’x12’. We flipped out. We then found out that the field dimensions aren’t exactly 12’x12’, and that they are supposed to be smaller then that. We finally finished after 4.5 hours of working, with and amazing product. We are hoping to get the kit this week and start putting the robot together with some programs to test it out.

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