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Issue: Downloading programs and debugging over bluetooth is awesome. We use it a ton to have our robot drive while giving us sensor information, yet it crashes a lot. (P.S. If you’re in FLL, you ARE NOT ALLOWED TO HAVE BLUETOOTH ON. Just don’t do it. Please.)

Fix: Delete your NXT from the computer’s bluetooth manager, and from the RobotC’s NXT manager. Close out of RobotC, then open your computer’s bluetooth manager, and re-add your NXT (follow instructions on-screen). Re-open RobotC, and open the NXT link setup and scan for your NXT. Once you are finished scanning, reconnect your NXT of Bluetooth by clicking the NXT and selecting the
This fix is only temporary…and might only work for a little bit. The bluetooth handshake for the NXT doesn’t work to well, even if you aren’t using RobotC.

Explanation: There really isn’t a great explanation for why bluetooth doesn’t work well. Looking through the handshake, there are a few things that were fishy, but besides that nothing was wrong. Since bluetooth doesn’t work to well for the NXT, there isn’t really a good wireless communication (for joystick control + feedback from NXT, Samantha can’t do feedback) so we would suggest using the Dexter Industries XBee Module. We haven’t use it yet, but I’m planning to work with it a build debugging software to create a live Excel chart for any sensor(s) output over XBee. One problem though….it takes up a sensor port.

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