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Ahhhh...our first robot

Our goal today was to play around with Tetrix, and RobotC programming environment. We also had to goal of revamping our engineering notebook to what you see today. We decided as a group to write our notebook as more of a blog entry, then a bullet point list of what we did. Although, we did have some objection that each entry might be to long, or tedious, we decided that it would work just fine. Splitting up into groups really helped us get more done then usual; Aaron and Ben. started working on programming, Nathan and I started building a Tetrix robot, and Ben. worked on a new engineering notebook design. We started out working on a new design based off of a picture in the FTC manual. Nathan and I almost finished putting it together by the end of the period, but we didn’t have a soldering iron to use for the battery connections to the motor controller. Aaron and Ben. I worked on programming, and were able to use the ultrasonic sensor with the NXT motors. I was surprising to see how fast people caught on to the programming language. Also, approximately 30 minutes ago, we received an email that Solid Works finally came through and made the FTC parts for our team! Another to-do item off my list.

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