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A week ago we went to pickup a robot. It isn’t a FTC robot, nor FRC and not even FLL. It goes beyond anything that we have worked with before. It is the Nao robot built by Aldebaran robotics. It has touch sensors, force sensors, IR sensors, distance sensors, inertial sensors and two cameras as sensors. Added with 25 degrees of freedom and a 1.6 Ghz intel atom processor and a second motion CPU, this micro humanoid is amazing. We have started working with Aldebaran robotics on putting together a new type of league, one centered on programming instead of hardware. The team would receive the Nao robot, a multi part mission, and the software to program the robot. Then off you go with the hardware power of a chevy and the sensory power of a hawk.
So far we have just brushed the surface using the robot. We’ve got it to walk around, follow faces, look for people and give speeches. We are hoping to work with the Nao in the future to build a robot capable of crude obstacle detection, and a “follow me” behavior. We will try and integrate the Nao into our team as another member, one that happens to have it’s brain connected to WolframAlpha and Wikipedia, and is able to answer our questions accordingly. Feel free to check out our photos tab for video update of the robot, along with – in the future – updates from the robot about our team.
Happy Building!

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