LoliBots – First meeting

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Team Lolibot contacted us through our website (Yes!) over the summer. They’re an all girls FLL team from Waltham MA set on winning State Championships. Since they already have amazing project skills, they wanted to start working on better hardware for their robot. They had from two goals; learn about gears, work on line following and other sensors after realizing that last year’s robot was not fast enough to complete all of the missions. Aaron, a member fluent in LEGO programming and hardware, taught them a few things:
Small gear connected to motor, Large gear connected to wheel: The wheel spins slower but is much stronger
Large gear connected to motor, Small gear connected to wheel: The wheel spins faster, but it is easy to stop the wheel from spinning

The Lolibots also realized that by using only two gears the direction of the wheel reversed with respect to the motor; if the motor was spinning clockwise the wheel would spin counter-clockwise.

By the end of the meeting their robot was gears up, they had to spend a lot of time stabilizing the wheels so that the robot wouldn’t wobble at high speeds. They are started on a good track to have not only an award winning robot design but also a great presentation. Make sure to look for the Lolibot’s at World Competitions this year!

Good luck building.

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