First scrimmage in Connecticut

Nov 15, 2010   //   by sam   //   Blogs, Robot & Team  //  No Comments
Scrimmage robot

Big scary robot....

Wooh. Big robots. We just had our first scrimmage today, and we had a look at our first robots that we would be competing against. Our first reaction was, wooh, those robots are big and complex. Our current test robot could only go up in the bridge, thats it. We don’t even have any extra parts yet! The table to the right of us had a robot that looked complete. It was slightly intimidating. After we got over our inital shock, we started to look around at other designs for robots. We saw mostly 6 wheel, or 4 wheel drive robots, and we saw one omni-directional robot (which made us feel way better about our design). We also saw a few methods for how to get the batons out of the dispenser, though we didn’t see that many that worked…. There were many designs, and I think that it’s pretty awesome. So….to all FTC teams out there, keep on building!! Good luck guys, everyone is cheering for you.

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