New parts!

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Nathan Parts

Smile for new parts

We just received our new parts in the mail! We got a gyroscopic sensor, a magnetic sensor, and some new hardware. The motor controllers are out of stock! It’s not a good time for something to be out of stock….During the scrimmage over last weekend, Ben was able to program the gyro sensor to measure the angle from the calibration use a lot of intricate equations (the gyro sensor puts out degrees/second). It took him a while, but he figured it out, and it works really well. He tested the gyro by making a program for the robot so that we could control it by tilting the gyro sensor. We are working on more designs for the baton dispenser and holder, but we don’t have the parts to prototype them. While Ben was working on the gyro program, the other Ben was working on a joystick control program that worked really well. On the hardware side, we just order a load of parts, although the motor controller and resource kit are still out of stock, which gives us a lot of complications. We hope to have the prototype for the base of our robot done by December 1st.

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