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Science museum robot

Mars simulation robot

A few days ago we hit the science museum. Out coach, Tal, acutally works there in the computer place! So, on Sunday, we woke up extra early to make our way down to Cambridge to see what we cpuld find in the Computer Place. We got to see the MARC bot 2, and got to play around with the Aibo dogs. We also learned how the drive train worked on both robots, although the MARC bot’s drive trin was a little more helpful for our FTC robot. Speaking of which…..our base is finished! We just finished it this week when a new shipment of parts came in. We also got the parts for a baton dispenser/holder, and that should be put together as soon as I finish the SolidWorks model. I currently only have videos of our robot, but I will post in the code section our code for the gyro sensor, and our vector equations for the robot. But until then, happy building!

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