About Our Team

Team 4466, Robots And Brain Bots Inc, was started in 2010 by a group of Sophomores at Gann Academy in Waltham Massachusetts. In our first year as a FIRST Tech Challenge team, R.A.B.B.I. competed in only 3 events: Arlington regionals, New York States, and World competitions in St. Louis. At New York State competitions, R.A.B.B.I. received the Inspire Award, due to our outreach and collaboration with local businesses. We attended World Competitions 2010-2011 in St. Louis, where we won the prestigious Inspire Award for our outreach and innovative robot design. Our team specializes in complex systems, both hardware and software, due to the fact that our team cannot compete on Saturdays.

In 2011, R.A.B.B.I. won the robotics competition at our regional event, the Inspire Award at Pace University and attended World Competitions for the second year in a row.

This year our team is comprised of 8 members:

Samuel Rosenstein
Hello, I’m Sam, the Media Director for Brain Bots Inc and Gann Robotics. Along with Media I work on hardware and software for the team. If you have any questions about the team, please email us at the “contact us” page of the website.

Aaron Jaeger
Hey, I’m Aaron Jaeger the Manager and Co-Founder of the team. I work on hardware designs along with making sure that our team stays on schedule (quite a hard job).

Sarah Nathaniel
Hi, I’m Sarah Nathaniel. I’m a junior at Gann Academy and I am on team R.A.B.B.I. I joined robotics last year because I love math and science and I wanted to learn more about engineering. I work on the hardware of the robot, designing, building, and prototyping mechanisms.

Ben Chaney

My name is Ben Chaney and I am a senior at Gann Academy this year.  I have been on team R.A.B.B.I. since 2010 and this year, I am working on the programing part of team R.A.B.B.I.

Nathan Kaufman

Hi, my name is Nathan Kaufman and I am a senior at Gann Academy.  This is my third year on team R.A.B.B.I. and I am working on hardware because I enjoy building and designing the robot.

Ben Potel
My name’s Ben Potel and I’m a senior. I joined the team when it was forming in 2010. I like video games, science fiction, detective stories.

Jeremy Kelleher
Currently studying abroad in Israel, Jeremy will be returning to the team in early December.

Danielle Levin

Hi, my name is Danielle Levin and I am a freshman at Gann Academy.  I am happy to be joining the media team on R.A.B.B.I. this year.  I am excited to see where the team will go this year.


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